primo tentativo di Armadillo

Music reproduction is based on 2 signals, one constant and one modulated.

The modulated signal comes from the source, let it be a turntable, a CD player, a streamer or whatever, and for this we offer a streamlined selection of high performance cables.

The other signal is electricity. Not less important but most neglected because considered as a given one. On the other side it is fed in each single component of the HiFi chain: a not perfect electricity setup interferes several times at the same time.

Then, if we have the chance to improve the electricity, we do have the chance to improve the quality of the output of each single component of the HiFi chain.

Our Power Harmonizer improves the quality of the current and dramatically reduces its total harmonic distortion: it brings current and voltage in phase, filters the Radio Frequencies, increases the reliability of the equipment without touching the natural harmonic richness of the music.

This one, along with our exclusive cabling, are the key focus of Cammino.

After 40 years of activity, we have reached the know-how to disclose to the listeners the inner world of the beautiful experience of music.

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